Virtual Executive Service

Do you need a senior leader or C-Suite level executive leader on your team? South 6 Virtual Executive Service provides access to world-class leadership on an engagement basis. Whether you have a vacancy that needs temporary support or your organization has a specific challenge that requires a high-level skill set, our vExecutive services can place the right person with the skills and experience you need on a short to medium term basis. South 6 "leadership-as-a-service" associates enables you to avoid management gaps and provide a quick infusion of human and technical leadership in virtually every discipline and vertical market.

Our vExecutive associates offer organizational leaders a level of immediacy and risk mitigation that is nearly impossible to obtain through any other service. Our vExecutive associates can be on-site within a matter of days rather than months. With executive search and on-boarding lead times sometimes ranging from 12-18 months, once deployed, our associates hit the ground running, delivering seasoned leadership and expertise to your C-Level team - all without long-term commitment, search fees, severance or benefit expenses.

Contact South 6 today to see how our vExecutive associates can assist your strategic team.

Leadership-As-A-Service Functions

  • vCEO, vCIO, vCISO, vCOO, vCMO, vChancellor roles
  • Our associate becomes a member of your executive team
  • Strategic analysis of current operations
  • Spearhead critical initiatives to meet major business challenges
  • Providing solutions to barriers to ensure organizational performance
  • Internal policy reviews and alignment with company objectives
  • Leading and motivating key employees and functional departments
  • Provide deep knowledge of relevant markets and technologies
  • Enforce adherence to legal standards and internal policy ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Develop a methodology for implementation of operational plans
  • Monitor business activities to ensure optimal performance
  • Make high-quality decisions regarding the allocation of an organization's resources
  • No search fees, benefit, or severance expenses


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