Our client, Dell, is looking for an entry/junior level Support Analyst resource to help on Dell's Connected Configuration Service - i.e. new college grad or somebody in a client helpdesk role.

Greater Nashville, TN Area
6 month (+)
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JOb Description
Dell is looking for an entry/junior level Support Analyst resource to help on Dell's Connected Configuration Service - i.e. new college grad or somebody in a client helpdesk role.  

This is a hand's on entry level Microsoft engineer position.  Tech will work onsite in Dell's Nashville Configuration Center and be a Dell representative on the production floor at this partner facility.  Client’s team runs production service fulfillment, including customer OS deployments.  If customer deployment fails, client will escalate issue to Dell.  The role of this Tech is to step in to troubleshoot.  If unable to resolve, Tech will escalate within Dell as needed.

- Strong desire to learn and get a 'leg up' in IT with a reputable company (Dell will teach the SCCM and relevant skills)

- Good logic and troubleshooting skills  

- Engineering mindset - good at and enjoys problem solving (issues / riddles / puzzles; interested in and digs in to learn / understand how things work)

- Must be a US Citizen  

- Must comply with covid regulations, i.e.: must wear a mask on the floor. (subject to change based on covid protocols and CDC guidelines)

Location - Onsite - M-F

- Start shadowing with current employee as an 8am – 5pm shift

- After showing proficiency and can be standalone, move into a second shift model of 11am – 8pm


- Desire to start a career in IT

- Technical aptitude and eagerness to learn

- Strong client facing skills

- Strong troubleshooting skills and logical thinking

- Enjoys understanding how and why things work

- Enjoys riddles, puzzles and similar problem solving

- Strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to maintain records of requests and responses for support issues

- US Citizenship

Preferred Knowledge:

- Troubleshooting client systems (laptops, desktops, etc…)

- SCCM/ MDT knowledge

- Windows OS troubleshooting

- Microsoft Office 365, including Teams

- ServiceNow or similar ticketing system

Key Skillsets:

- Future career minded – (Desire to grow in IT experience and knowledge since this is a jr. position)

- Logic skills - (I need someone who is good at troubleshooting through logic instead of predefined conclusions)

- Documentation skills - (This isn’t technical writing but extremely important for the role.)

- Physically Active - (Someone who is ok with walking quite a bit because this role gets your steps in.)

- Team player - (We are a tight knit team who relies on each other and is imperative.)

- Adapts to different work environments - (Someone who doesn’t want a factory floor mindset. This role is not cookie cutter so it’s rarely doing the same thing over and over.)

- Follows Instructions - (This role requires someone who can take instructions well and quickly.)

Tier 1 Job Function:
1. Teams Channel - Open

Open Teams channel immediately after receiving escalation email

a. This includes filling out gaps in the checklist of information.  

b. “Nopxe” is not an acceptable answer – we need more details from this level. Preferably pictures.

2. Information Gathering

Gather data that is missing from the OTC such as full OTC data, logs and screenshots. Important information like:  

a. Is this model a first time run and we’re seeing an issue that only happens on this new model?

b. Is this something that is happening on all units or all slots?  

c. Is this happening only in times when we are running a large number of units?

d. What is different about this unit that it’s failing?

e. What are the symptoms of the failure?

f. Etc.

3. Troubleshooting

Very basic troubleshooting  

a. This includes double-checking physical layer like dongles, cables at the slots and network ports (try on a different slot, etc.)  

b. Validating that the Work Instructions are followed and match what is being seen.  

4. Handoff

Clean handoff to Tier 2

a. The above needs to be done in under 4 hours from the reporting of the issue.

b. This includes a list of what steps were taken to try to resolve the issue. (extremely necessary)

c. Escalation to Tier 2 can take place sooner when the information is gathered Tier 1 troubleshooting is exhausted.

d. Escalation to Tier 3 can take place if it’s clear from the error message that it’s a task sequence issue like missing content. All others go first through Tier 2.

5. Assisting Tier 2 and Tier 3

When asked to, reimage a unit to test for Tier 2 or Tier 3.

a. This is to be done by Tier 1, not any clients FoT’s or operators!

b. Results of reimage to be reported back to Tier 2or Tier 3.

c. Do NOT release anything back to production.  Only report the results.

d. When asked make sure units are on KVM’s

e. Gathering info or running things as asked by Tier 2/3 during customer calls etc.

6. Customer Calls

You will be asked to assist with customer calls

a. This will require your full attention – don’t let others distract you or pull you away unless first checking with Tier 3

b. Listen on the calls and react if you are asked to do something specific.

Provide clear data as quickly as possible – including pictures if necessary

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