Expand and Enhance Your Distance Learning Programs

During the rush to expand services, it is important to maintain academic quality, continuity, engagement, faculty skills, user adoption, and retention.

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In this uncertain time of social distancing, institutions of higher learning are under pressure to provide access to its student bodies while maintaining new safety standards. This has placed immense pressure on distance learning programs, as they rush to convert traditional, in-class students to on-line environments.

South 6 can help by providing access to some of the most skilled consultants in virtually all facets of distance learning. Our Associates bring decades of experience in everything from curriculum development, delivery technologies, cybersecurity, quality assessment, and improvements while managing budgetary constraints. With South 6 Associates on board, you can quickly infuse your team with critical skills and experience without long-term contracts, search fees, or severance and benefits expenses.

● Scaling Capacity

● Facility Support

● Learning Design and Course Development

● Technology Enabled Classrooms

● Virtual and In-Person Programs

Distance Learning Associate Functions

·  Strategic analysis of current operations

·  Spearheading critical initiatives to meet major challenges

·  Providing solutions to barriers to ensure organizational success

·  Internal policy reviews and alignment with company objectives

·  Leading and motivating key employees and functional departments

·  Providing deep knowledge of relevant technologies and applications

·  Alignment of internal policy with regulatory standards

·  Develop a methodology for implementation of operational plans

·  Monitor activities to ensure optimal performance

·  No search fees, benefit, or severance expenses

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Industry Expertise

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Providing Support in the Following Areas

 ·     Compliance Programs

·      Student Retention

·      Student Success

·      Operating Efficiency

·      Analysis of Student Data

Man looking intenly at a laptop screen.
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